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Can't you just update the RSS feed to point to the new blog? Ophelia's feed automagically sends me to the new B&W now. Can't that be done for yours too?

Joshua Zelinsky

Can you maybe just update the RSS feed and not move stuff?

Moving things often breaks links and a lot of your essays are linked to in a lot of locations.

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congratutions to your new home, i will view you new home later XD

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And yes, I've been assured that I can keep writing explicitly about sex

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Mário Mourão

(Off topic). Greta, I have seen your skeption speech. Wow, you are so damn good! I support your every thought about religion. I felt connected to everything you said there. I just wish you the best.
Greetings from Brazil.

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thank you so much for sharing this over here with all of us =)

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Hello Greta. I will like get a link in your blog!. Tell me i can do for this!


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Readers' Rep blog has moved... September 10 ... Please visit us there and share any questions or comments you have about Times coverage.

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These infographics are incredible. Thank you for sharing! I agree with Brittany below, I look forward to watching Pinterest grow as well as that is exactly how I came across this page.

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A great job til now. Keep it up Christina..


I just wanted to congratulate you on "knocking it out of the park" again with your baseball analogy.

It's a nice non-aggressive way to communicate the centrality of certain rules. And the comparison to the 4th of july is great. "That's not baseball. That's not even a sport."

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