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Congrats! I think FTB is really going to take off!


Congrats! Don't forget about the Women in Secularism Conference 2012: :-)


Note freethoughtblogs is still broken. Codero, their new host provider, is still pointing the name back to bluehost, their old, completely inadequate host provider. The links to will not work unless either (a) you have a proper entry in your hosts file, or (b) the nameservers you are using are ignoring codero. You can try instead, but once you get to the website, most of the internal links use , and thus don't work.

Also, the freethoughtblogs system administrator has made a number of serious mistakes, starting with the choice of bluehost, and following up by not making codero properly update their DNS records for . They are in desperate need of someone with some experience doing system administration for a large blog network.

(I should note that Ed's vague remark that he had spent "thousands" on the new site indicates the system administrator is almost certainly a volunteer, and one who has a day job at that, so I don't want to be too hard on the system administrator, but clearly that person has taken on a task bigger than their current abilities.)

Comrade PhysioProf

Freethought Blogs is going to be a major nexus of atheist thought and conversation and community on the 'Net[.]

And motherfucken risotto!!! BTW, the DNS troubles appear to be resolved.

Brice Gilbert

Anyone else have nightmares about how this whole thing will be covered by the media? We all know Fox News will either ignore it or slam it. But Jon Stewart is the one i'm most worried about. His response to atheism in general has been pretty much of the "But some people need faith! Don't take that away from them!" variety. I'm probably over thinking it.


This is the coolest thing I've heard today - no shit...


Congratulations, but their blog NEEDS to stop trying to give me a pop-up every time I click anywhere in the white space. Kick them about this, wouldja?


Awesome. Now I only need one link to my favourite blogs. Then problems on FTB have been sorted out mostly. Every new undertaking has glitches. They will be resolved and then FTB will be a force to be reckoned with in the blogosphere. More so because Greta is on there.

Doug Kirk

That's wonderful! I'm so excited to have a nexus of freethought blogs.


This is awesome. I really look forward to seeing you over there.

Can't think of a clever name

Are you getting out of sex-blogging altogether? The atheism stuff is interesting, but I wanna see more of those posts that you warn your family not to read.

Greta Christina
Are you getting out of sex-blogging altogether?

Hell, no! Freethought Blogs is fine with me doing sex blogging. I've been doing less of it lately, since the Blowfish Blog closed down and I'm not getting paid for it; but I definitely plan to keep my hand in the game. As it were.

Can't think of a clever name

glad to hear it :)

William Post

This news makes me very happy.


FtB is lucky to have you. It's already awesome, and your presence there is going to make it considerably awesomer.

Your blog is a blinding example of clear thought and incisive argument expressed in inspirational writing.

Shorter version: yay! :)

/de-lurk; re-lurking

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