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Lou Doench

Good choice of TMBG, they keep everything in a nice easy vocal range. Birdhouse is one of my karaoke favorites.


Watching Jen bumbling about on the bicycle made my day.

Martin Freedman

I don't understand why you did this, since you and your team WON the competition surely it is PZ that is under an obligation to fulfill his pledge and not you?


@ Martin: I think the deal was more like "Hey loyal readers, if you donate to my side instead of PZ's, I'll amuse you by humiliating myself."


My show-tunes singalong is right on schedule! Unfortunately, it takes a long time to gather up all of my Mormon relatives, so it is scheduled for Summer 2012.


Sorry for the delay, but -- looking on the bright side -- it will give me an excuse to promote Camp Quest again next Summer.

Actually, since my kids and I will be in Minnesota next Summer, we might even get the opportunity to participate and/or visit the camp! I'll look into it.

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