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John Eberhard

I'm truly glad JT has become a part of your extended family, and you a part of his.

Jennifer K

Greta your talk was incredible, thank you so much for coming to Omaha!

Tanya Higgins

Your talk was brilliant, and meeting you was an absolute pleasure. I'm looking forward to the Reason Rally!

Michaelyn Everhart

You're a Mountain Goats fan?! I love you even more.

Your talk was so amazing. I hadn't seen it before, and I was blown away. You and JT both made me want to keep pushing myself to work for this movement however I can.

Also, discussing kittens, puppies, chocolate and moving the particle collider was a great way to end the weekend.

Adam Lee

Your conference recaps always make me jealous, Greta! They all sound like such a ridiculous quantity of fun, I wish I could go to more of them. I'm hoping you've got some more of that good stuff saved up for Skepticon. :)

Robert B

I need to get me to some atheist/skeptic cons someday. I do a lot of fandom cons - and you're right, talking to people is always the best part. I have fun when I'm on a panel - but I have even more fun when I'm standing around after the panel talking to other fans. And even more fun than that in hotel rooms or lobbies with friends I haven't seen in months.

An unpillowforted life is not worth living. You should totally put that picture on a book jacket.

What did Mr. Deity talk about, by the way? Is jokes with a message like his videos, or a message with jokes?

Brad Ericson

Greta, I thoroughly enjoyed your talk. This is the second time I have heard this particular talk and both times I said to myself, I sure would like to have "the list" of things that you are angry about, so I am going to ask, may I have a copy of your list? Thanks again. Brad Ericson

Timothy Roscoe Carter

Did Jen McCreight's talk mention Ezekiel 16? It is direct proof of her point. It is a rant by an abusive husband to his spouse, explaining how she was nothing and nobody when he met her, and he cleaned her up and gave her wealth and jewelry, but then she went off and acted like a whore, actually worse than whore, because at least a whore gets paid, while she paid her lovers. That’s why he had to beat her and leave naked and bloodied on the floor. But he still loves her and is willing to take her back if she asks his forgiveness and promises to stop being such a whore. A very typical abusive husband rant, except instead of being an actual man talking to an actual woman, it’s God talking to Israel. The purpose of the chapter is to convince the Jewish people to repent their sins and return to God.


You're a Mountain Goats fan? I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since when you linked to David Bazan ages ago I latched onto that album like a emotionally insecure barnacle, but I am pleased.

(Strange Negotiations - good but not as good as Curse Your Branches? I'm really liking People at the moment.)

the chaplain

I really have to get to some of these conferences.


Does anyone know if there's a video of Jen's talk somewhere? It sounds really interesting.

Claudia Sawyer

I have seen Brother Sam in person, fantastic.

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