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Did Ed Clint mention where the name "transfaith" came from? I have vague memories of proposing that to someone as a replacement for "interfaith," possibly at the Rapture Ram, but I suppose it's probably an independent coinage... O.o

Edward Clint

I can't say I recall hearing the term used by anyone else. I started using it at ISSA officer meetings/correspondence a bit more than a year ago. That said, it's basic enough that I assume it has been independently coined or thought-of many, many times. So I make no claim to originality (and I would have attributed it, had I any such knowledge).

Kay Abshire

Had I known you were grabbing lunch at Jeni's, I totally would have tagged along. I sometimes find myself awake in the middle of the night craving their Riesling Pear...

Ben Crockett

Next time you're at Northstar Cafe you should try the Northstar burger. It is hands down THE BEST veggie burger out there.

I also recommend trying out Matt The Miller's Tavern in Grandview, and for late night drinks and food try Tip Top downtown on Gay St.

Michael Gobaud

It was great meeting you, and great talk. I hope to see you again soon in Las Vegas, the Rebel Secular Student Society would love to have you give a presentation at UNLV!

Drew Pruitt


Hanging out and talking with you was easily one of my favorite things about this conference. And yes, we're going to do everything we can to get you out here to UNLV this spring.



mead is easy to make. get thee to the local wine/beer making shop and follow my recipe: Follow it exactly and I guarantee that it'll be as good or better than any other. I should bring some to the Reason Rally :)

Greta Christina

Vel: I've had homemade mead. It can be very good indeed. But the Brothers Drake stuff is exceptional.

Ilmari Mönkkönen

It seem that conference really successfully done.In Finland i notice most of the conference event that plan very well and in part of Helsinki there is a place where there is a lot of conference room that many of conference event is happening.I am really glad that i've been part of this blog thanks.

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