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Greta, my husband and I are traveling to Omaha on the 13th itself to visit family with our baby - I think our plane arrives too late to make your talk. Any chance you'd be interested in saying hello to a couple admirers? We'd happily pick up the check for dessert or something. (I was about to type "coffee" but caught myself and laughed, though if coffee is the preference, that'd be fine. In a public place, without subtext. ^^)


I cannot wait to see you speak!

Stan Brooks

I'm so glad you're coming to Seattle and I've got to agree with "Three Ninjas". I'd love to see you in Columbus and Omaha as well, but perhaps some other year. Thanks for all you do.


I'll let Warren Buffet know you are coming to Omaha. He is an agnostic or atheist, socially progressive, and maybe he can throw some coin our way. We need to hit up Jobs, Gates, the head of Google, and other rich liberal atheists for donations to the secular cause. Wonder if anyone has done it.....

Deanna Lyons

I'm looking forward to seeing you speak in Seattle and working with you on Ask An Atheist. Please let me know if there's anything I can do for you while you're in the area.

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