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This really makes me wish I could be there! We ad our Pride Parade here in Winnipeg already, I never thought of getting the atheist community together for a march. That would be a good idea, and it would be interesting to see how it would go over here. Winnipeg has been generally pretty open to various religious ceremonies (we have public pagan, Hindu and other spiritual festivals and rituals). I wonder how a public atheist demonstration would go over? Now I want to do this.
Have a great time there and say hi to everyone for me. Tell James Randi he needs to live forever so he can keep being awesome and inspiring and awesome.


Finally. Yesssss.

I will be at TAM. As will you. And I will at long last get to meet you in person.

I'll have to think of something you can autograph so I can appear properly awestruck and fan-like.


Your article is very good fit to be read because it adds new value to me

Bookkeeper Sunshine Coast

Thanks for the invitation but it seems that this event is exclusively for atheists only. May this event will be opened to anyone.

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