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As far as I'm concerned, you're getting off easy, Greta. At least karaoke only lasts a few minutes!

I volunteered to grow a beard for an entire month, and it's hot here, damn it. Leaving work today felt like stepping into a warm kettle of soup. But - sigh - it's for the children, so I guess I have no choice, do I?

Lou Doench

Drat! I'll be on vacation the weekend of the SSA conference. I'm just sure I would have had no trouble convincing my wife to let me drive up to columbus to see an atheist blogger sing karaoke!
Congratulations, I'll be sending my kids to Camp Quest Ohio when they're old enuff, so I know my chip in will be appreciated!


It's been really fun watching the epic battle occur (I donated under Team Beat Those Squid Lovers)...I'm sure you'll do just fine on the karaoke stage.

Just think of the children and you'll get through it!

Mike Schmidt


I appreciate your writing.

Thank you.

Mike Schmidt

Farmer, Infantryman, Roofer, Scientist, Engineer, ditchdigger.

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