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Lou Doench

Quick thoughts... Bullet pointed.
1) We had our 4th of July parade in Northside, Cincinnati yesterday , and I felt almost exactly the same way when the Interfaith Peace and Justice float went by.
2) There's an angle from the Skeptical community as well. Like how is a skeptic in good standing meant to treat a parade float of dedicated 9-11 Truthers? (I very visibly turned my back on them...hate those fuckers with a passion)


First, to Allen Dexter, hello from a fellow Lion! Thank you for being quietly respectful of the rest of your club. It may be worth it to you to find someone in the club that you feel comfortable discussing possible issues with. Your comment shows the true spirit of Lionism, and your club has shown that they're proud that you're part of the club. I know my club would probably adore having you.

To Sexpot, who said "I think atheists should feel morally obligated to free individuals from religious delusion which causes so much damage."

Christians feel morally obligated to free individuals from the delusion of a lack of personal Savior, which they feel causes deep spiritual damage.

Exactly how is you pushing your lack of religion on them any different than them pushing their religion on you?

To Jadehawk, who said many things, including that "'Militant atheism doesn't sit with people any better than militant religion does.'

[is] another insultingly false equivalence."

Again, exactly how is your insistence on pushing your lack of religion on people any different than them pushing their religion on you?

Basically, my philosophy is this:

My religion and/or spirituality may very well be a deluded mistake.

It's my mistake to make.

Your lack of belief may end up being a deluded mistake, however unlikely it seems. That's your mistake to make.

Treat me as an individual who holds certain beliefs that you think are wrong, and I'll treat you as an individual who thinks I'm wrong. If you use hurtful means to persuade me to your point of view, I probably will find a way to not be around you. Please prove to me that you can be good without any god and treat me the way you ideally wish I would treat you.


I don't see how my personal belief in something that's "empirically wrong or unfalsifiable" normalizes beliefs in things that are empirically wrong or unfalsifiable. Because it actually is an accepted part of today's society, it is "normal" but my personal beliefs certainly don't make it so.

I personally don't proselytize, mainly because I feel very uncomfortable doing so.
I certainly don't feel comfortable with an atheist who proselytizes their lack of belief to me, especially someone who calls me or my beliefs "stupid and damaging" as Elle does.

Tobin Vance

I know it's crazy, but I LIKE discussions about religion. I like to be able to find out about other people's epistological views, the whole time trying to not let my Empirical mind yell so loudly that I don't remember what was discussed. I call myself an agnostic, following the idea that "Agnosticism is the view that the truth value of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, but also other religious and metaphysical claims—is unknown or unknowable."
That's what "The Book of Mormon" is doing; asking metaphysical questions in the face of the awefulness and randomness of life and laughing about it without descending into nihilism. Good for them. We all should be able to laugh at ourselves.
I've been a fan of South Park since it's start, and The Book of Mormon is like a longer episode with better production values. Too bad you can't see it on TV... yet.
I was able to get tickets for the Book of Mormon over the summer and I laughed so hard it made my ribs hurt. I saw several other Broadway Shows while I was there as well. I recommend "Avenue Q"

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