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If Hemant got a mohawk I would definitely donate.

Nathan Salo Tumberg aka LucienBlack

I gave a little, but I expect to see that video in a timely fashion! :D


I donated on the first go 'round and being a poor college student can't give anymore. But by golly I hope we win, if only to see the aforementioned spectacles that some of my favourite atheists are gonna make of themselves!

skeptical scientist

Damn you guys are catching up awfully quickly now. :P


Justin Griffith over at "Rock Beyond Belief" has posted that Fort Bragg is holding a Vacation Bible School registration drive. There's that slippery de-separation of church and state again!

He's also calling on folks to support Camp Quest to give our enlisted families an alternative!

See "Rock Beyond Belief" on Facebook for more details about Justin's concerns.


Here's 40 dollars to Matt Dillahunty doing a show in drag.

Jack Rawlinson

Naturally, you've seen the evil Myers' response to this? He truly is in league with the Old Ones.



"Clever girl..." That's one hell of a Xanatos Roulette.

Bookkeeping Services Caloundra

It's my first time to read about an activity aimed for children of atheists. This article of yours about CampQuest has given me a lot of insights about how the atheist community have made wide efforts to pass their beliefs on to their children. Thank you for sharing this to us.

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