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Laura upstairs

Um, Greta, I hate to say this, but this live-blogging is kind of boring. I was hoping for something with more fire and brimstone and volcanoes and flying monkeys and what not. Could you step it up?

And I don't know what's supposed to happen to the people on the space station.
I figure if one gets raptured they all die horribly.

By the way, your correction came too late; I already shared it.


"There is a vanishingly small but non-zero chance of butt monkeys."

Thanks for making my day!!!


Camping says that God will be turning a deaf ear to all those calls of repentance once he gets the rapture rolling, but at least we'll be able to get a head start on the looting here in the latter time zones!


Butt Monkeys FTW!


Cool, the Rapturing begins in a little more than two hours.

Current local time in Kiritimati: Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 3:44:32 PM LINT


@DaiseysAndShit: not only do we get a head start on the looting, but we also get to really enjoy the pre-rapture orgy:


Tonga is 3 hours away from rapture... most far out there time zone AFAIK:

real time seismic data at:

Camping said "biggest earthquake ever recorded in history", so... stipulating that if there is a greater than 9.5 earthquake at 6pm local time, then we maybe got something...


never mind, kruegz's earlier comment has better canary: Kiribati, GMT+14


ZOMG! Its now 5:22PM in Adak!


Now the question is: Does God observe Daylight Saving Time? Because Adak has it and Kiribati doesn't.


@Kruegz: Camping has said "6PM local time" so therefore it must be based on whatever the localz are observing.... so Adak for the rapture win!


OK, that makes sense. But then is God going to destroy all of the GMT+14 time zone in half an hour, or just the part that observes DST?


Camping has just posted this on facebook: "At this time, the best thing we can all do is, Pray pray pray, for God's mercy, What we have to lose?. If you're waiting to see if this will happen, keep in mind once it start, wherever or whenever it start, That will mark the END of salvation."

That's the first I've seen him call for prayers. He's building his out plan... "Our prayers were answered! God has chose to save us!"


I just noticed something. Adak is East of the International Dateline. It's almost 6:00 PM there, but it's Friday.

Check out this map: and the Adak link above.


Damn, Camping is a wanker. He's repeatedly said he's completely convinced the Rapture will happen tomorrow, and that he wouldn't even entertain the possibility that he might be wrong. In fact, he's said that having any doubt at all about the Rapture would be an insult against God or something like that. No doubt that convinced a lot of people to quit their jobs and spend all their money on advertising the Rapture and all that.

And I was almost convinced he was telling the truth when he said he was completely sure this was going to happen. I wasn't cynical enough, and I'm pretty cynical.


@Kruegz: well crap...

Chase Stone

What would Jesus blog?


well it's 5.17pm on Sat 21st here in NZ and all is well. In local news though:

Dean Allemang

Weather here in London on Rapture Morning is shockingly sunny and warm. Something is certainly up! I think the weather might be caused by Brimstone Proximity. I'll keep you updated.


All is well at 6.11pm in NZ

Benjamin Machanik

It occurs to me that its actually very clever to say that the rapture will happen at 18:00 pm in all time zones, because it means that when Mr. Camping & co. sees that The Australia New Zealand area has had nothing happen to them, he has a lot of time to backtrack and make up alternatives long before its 6 there.


In the wake of the rapture bollocks, this is hilarious:


To monitor earthquakes as they happen:

No sign of increasing activity :)


Well-- it's 7:49 here in Yokohama, Japan. We're trimming our toenails and doing math homework. Cleaning baseball gloves for the game tomorrow.

Mata kondo, ne... (maybe next time).


I'm pretty sure that we Brits aren't going to be cRaptured in five and a half hours time. In fact I'm so sure that I've even shopped for tea tomorrow. In the event that I'm wrong (ptah!) then I'm afraid that God will just have to wait until we finish dinner. It is rather impolite to interrupt dinner and I was thinking of having strudel for pudding.


We just missed a great money-making opportunity. Or maybe it's not too late. T-shirts with "I survived the Rapture" emblazoned across the front.


Just in the last few minutes, Camping took down the facebook page I referred to above. I checked it not 10 minutes ago and there hadn't been a new wall post in 9 hours. I went to look at the comments on the last post (over 500) and now its all gone.

"Our prayers were answered! God has chose to save us!"

I think the data is corrupted.

Meanwhile, I'm reassured to note that even if the Rapture DOES occur my Dynamics professor is only prophesied to rule the world for 7 years, not 1000 like I remembered...

...and getting a latish start to Oakland. O.O



Shouldn't Camping be busy praying to his archaic god and not waste his small remainiing time with computer communication? Hehe. What a coward. :)

Nate Phelps

There are a lot of people struggling with this right now. Their mind tells them it's nonsense, but their emotions are in turmoil over the "what if" aspect.

I think the atheist community should use this event to compile a body of material that helps people better understand the human psychology of all this. Sort of expanding on Shermer's discussion in Why People Believe Weird Things.

Ron S.

There must be people gathering to await the end somewhere, and someone must be recording it. I hope so, as Nate P points out, this sort of data could be very valuable in preventing future outbreaks. I have seen interviews where reporters have asked to be present during the moment of "rapture" and the believers have very crafty ways of not answering the request.

Right now, they must be manufacturing theories of how God is sending false news from Kiribati, Japan, Hawaii, etc... to save the "surprise" for each timezone. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear the justifications, excuses, etc...


Rapture report from Sweden! It's 18,38 here, and I have to say that so far it has been the most peaceful and idyllic apocalypse imaginable :-)

It's a beautiful late spring/early summer evening here in the south of Sweden, and in the countryside it's been sunny all day. At my backyard the woods are green and lush, birds are chirping, the neighbors are having a barbeque and the leaves of the big old trees are rustling in a light breeze.

All my neighbors seem to still be in place too, though this IS godless Sweden, I guess no one thought that many people would be raptured from here anyway :-)


Under an hour to go here in Sheffield, England. I don't mean the rapture but the latest episode of Doctor Who. Yay, indeed.

There aren't any signs of any rumblings from below but I'm about to have a curry hotter than the surface of the Sun so that might change things.


19:11 in Germany. Damn! I completely missed rapture, because I was watching the play of our Women's soccer team against North Korea.


Hey, it could still happen! From this Chicago Tribune article: Christian movement eats last meals, says goodbye, preparing for End of Days on Saturday

Marie Exley, who helped put up apocalypse-themed billboards in Israel, Jordan and Lebanon, said the money helped the nonprofit save as many souls as possible.

She said she and her husband, mother and brother were glued to the television on Friday night waiting for news of an earthquake in the southern hemisphere. When that did not happen, she said fellow believers began reaching out to reassure each other of their faith in the prophecy.

"Some people were saying it was going to be an earthquake at that specific time in New Zealand and be a rolling judgment, but God is keeping us in our place and saying you may know the day but you don't know the hour," she said Saturday, speaking from Bozeman, Montana. "The day is not over, it's just the morning, and we have to endure until the end."

I wonder if tomorrow, she'll be saying, "God is keeping us in our place and saying you may know the month but you don't know the day."

And then next month she'll be saying....

Benjamin Machanik

19:52 in South Africa, and there are certainly a lot of people identified as Christians here. So we don't even have 'godless country' as an excuse.

Looking forward to the post-18:00 reports from Harold Camping & Co.

Feel bad that these people aren't taken to court for their con-artistry...


Hello Greta! Here in Denmark I am reading your blog so I guess I'm still around.The time in Denmark is 20.00. BTW great blog!

James M. Martin

The best thing that may be said about the Rapture deadline business is that each time one of these morons sets a time and date worldwide attention is drawn to the stupidity of Christer evangelism. The bumper stickers proclaiming an empty car should the Rapture occur proliferate, and the megachurches further the myth even as they tell us Jebus wants us to get rich (the exact opposite of his message). The Rapture Syndrome is making more agnostics and atheists than were created by all the writings of Hitchens, Harris, and Dawkins put together.


"Suspension Bridges Around the World Not Turning Into Fish" I feel like the Onion would totally be up for that article, and now I want to see it.

Jorge in Gotham

Website for the newspaper El Pais has a live cam on continuing massive protests in Puerta del Sol. Since it is past 9 PM in Madrid, this would suggest that the rapture didn't happen. It would also suggest that folks interested in addressing real world problems (austerity cuts, a failed two party system, lack of direct democracy, etc....) might want to abandon their churches and, you know, participate in the life we actually have and in the world we actually know.


Because of this Rapture nonsense, a woman tried to kill her two daughters and herself. And a man in Nairobi killed himself.

From PZ's blog: While Harold Camping sits safe with his millions…


Hey folks. :) Just checking in from Madrid, where my wife and I are on vacation, and I can confirm that 6 PM came and went with no earthquake and no Rapture (at least, no observable one - then again, the Spanish are mostly either Catholics or atheists, so maybe there wouldn't be much to see even if it did happen).

It's 11:30 PM here and we're 6 hours ahead of New York, so the Rapture ought to be hitting the eastern U.S. in about half an hour. Hey, maybe God runs on Eastern Standard Time and it'll start then! Hang tight just in case!


It's past 6 pm in Argentina, no Rapturing in sight.


Minnesota (U.S. Central time zone) checking in: 6:11 P.M., no earthquakes, no rapture. Some chuckling at the outdoor party I'm at, but the fun is tempered a bit by the news (via PZ) of the suicide in Kenya and the attempted murder-suicide in Lancaster, California. Not such a good joke anymore.


Got off work at 6, went home, took a bath, and only then looked around and noticed that Vancouver seems to still be going strong.

Apparently there was just a little earthquake in Oakland. I didn't feel it, but other people at the atheist conference did

Do I even need to make the obvious comment about people being accustomed to vibration? :P


"These kind of predictions come up particularly in times of economic or social uncertainty - which is pretty much almost every year actually, you can track them, whether it's commentary impacts or the rapture or giant space aliens or something. And the only thing they have in common is they are all wrong "

This woman deserves an internet

Daniel Schealler

Do we know yet if anyone has been in to check on Camping?

The lack of feedback is a little bit worrying at this point.

Poking fun is all well and good - but I'm starting to worry that he might have done something drastic.


It's a too bad, really. It would've been interesting to have an earthquake near where I live. Given the fact there are no tectonic plate boundaries within 1,000 miles of me, it would've been quite a feat to achieve.

I'm completely unsurprised that Harold Camping is from California, though. Only someone from an earthquake zone would think that that could be a suitable universal natural disaster.

For those asking about Mr. Camping, there's a story on Reuters about him. It's seems he's alive and well, and "looking for answers." Perhaps it would be more accurate if he had said fabricating a new date, but honesty is too much to expect.

I feel bad for those who honestly and truly believed and sold all their possessions based on the ravings of this lunatic. No one deserves to be conned out of everything they own, even if they participated in the con willingly. Sadly, I don't think many of them will turn their back on all this, since many will be even more invested in the idea now that they've given up everything, like the addicted gambler who is convinced they can win back their losses in the next game if they can just play one more game. The human psyche is truly a strange thing at times. The times when we should quit and cut our losses are the same times we're most likely to do the opposite.

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