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Does anyone know anything about the new billboard up on the Skyway near the Bay Bridge? It seems to be from a different group. I wrote down their website:

They are saying that some athiests will be more prepared than conservative Christians on Judgement day.


Has anyone figured out where they got the $59 figure for the Washington Inn? Their website lists rooms starting at least $20 higher and the $59 figure would be...convenient.

Chris H

I can't help giggling at the idea of a bunch of atheists meeting in a Masonic Temple at the end of the world. Does this mean that we get to run things at last?


Hi Greta - I thoroughly enjoyed the Rapture RAM last weekend and I found your speech particularly moving and inspiring. I used to think of myself as a somewhat closeted apathetic atheist, but I now I really want to be more involved. I would like to know more about the godless contingent in the LGBT parade, but I'm having a hard time finding information about it. Could/would you please point me in the right direction? Thanks for any help! :)

Larry A.

Ya know what makes me angry? It is that atheists won't just shut the hell up and do what they want to do and leave everyone else alone! I am not a Christian but I see no harm in having a holiday named Christmas or kids in school having candy canes or people being able to pray when and wherever they want to. Sumerians call it Uster, Christians call it Easter and atheists can call it the celebration of hypereutectic alloy pistons for all I care just leave everyone to call it what they wish and butt out! If a community or town has an old courthouse in which are the ten commandments and the majority of people in said town are ok with it what right do these pompous self-aggrandizing fools have that somehow allows them to force those words to be removed? These are a bunch of angry, worthless pieces of crap who so desperately need to feel important that they will do anything to hurt others just so they can claim a victory. It is not just atheists either... There are so many other groups of angry idiots such as code pink (whose membership should be shot on sight IMHO), greatly outdated labor unions, NOW (who still insists that women get the shaft all the time yet when a woman such as Sarah Palin is on the verge of holding the second highest office in the world refused to come to her defense when she was being made fun of by those pesky men), the ACLU (who constantly works against the civil liberties of most folks to please a very small minority) etc... To them they are all that matter and screw you if you disagree with them or are not one of them. They bitch about intolerance while being far more intolerant than those they are bitching about! It is both ridiculous and sad that these people have nothing in their lives to make them feel and self worth thus only feeling alive if they are angry. COME ON PEOPLE!!! BE NICE TO EVERYBODY AND JUST CHILL OUT! Do whatever it is that makes you happy and leave others to do the same...

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