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Astra Navigo

"Atheist movement"?

Greta; c'mon now.

I'm an atheist. That means I don't believe in anyone's sky-fairies or Imaginary Friends. Period.

I don't recall signing up for any 'movement'. In fact, the only thing I have in common with most atheists is that none of us 'believe'.


Not me....


Astra Navigo: if you're saying that you don't want to be part of the atheist movement, then, uh, okay? Nobody's making you. If you're trying to claim that there's no such thing as the atheist movement, that verges on silly. If you're attracted to people of your own gender, you don't have to march in a parade or wear rainbows everywhere you go, but you wouldn't walk around declaring that gay pride doesn't exist.

Greta Christina

Astra: I'm a little puzzled as to why someone who is so adamant about not being part of an atheist movement is not only reading atheist blogs, but is taking the time and trouble to comment on them. ???

That being said: What Indigo said. If you're not interested in being part of this movement, fine. Unlike religion, nobody's pressuring you to join: your time is your own, and you should spend it as you see fit. But if you're denying that the movement exists simply because you don't see yourself as part of it... well, isn't that a little silly?



Astra avoids the movement through immersion in it. Hiding in plain sight, as it were.


I attended the panel and learned a lot about outreach strategies for my local group. Always great to hear what other people are doing to connect outside their usual channels.


Would love to watch this, but the constantly shifting exposure levels on the camera makes my eyes hurt.

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