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Awesome! I almost missed the jokes, just looking at the pics.

JT Eberhard

Sweeeeeeeet: they booked me for my specialties!

I wasn't going to attend until I saw you were leading the angry mob. Now I can't justify staying away. :)


Mike Frieda

HAHAHAH I loved this, especially the Diversity panel and post-diversity panel panel. Well done.


No no no, you've got it all wrong! Hemant wouldn't feast on the entrails of defeated gladiators. He only devours infants, as we should all know perfectly well.


Like last year's, this had me on the floor. The Diversity panel and fallout are genius, but I confess my favourite part was 'Atheism and Caprian Combustibility' because I have never understood the 'goats on fire!' parts of those spam posts. (I mean, they are even less comprehensible than the rest of the rants.)

David Silverman

What's the joke? I kinda like the billboard idea. :)

Box Brown

haha! That is so great!


I'm psychic - I Gnu this was going to happen. Booking my flight as we speak, so to speak. Cheers.


What a great event!!

Despite the tremendous cost to go from Spain to Devil's Corner... I'll sure try!


Inspired! Is there a sign-up sheet for the angry mob?



Did a spit take all over my computer at the diversity conference. I'm booking my flight as I type....

William Donohue

I volunteer for cocktail party bar duty. Rebecca just keeps bringing carboys of vodka for the bar back, and we godless drunkards deserve better.

-- Bertrand's Teapot Catering - the teapot's in your head, but the drink is in your hand --

K.C. Hill

Where do I buy tickets?


I think I need more information about the horizontal networking sessions ^_^

Conrad Hudson

Love it! You should include Evid3nc3! He's an atheist Youtuber with over a million views, that just converted back to Christianity because of CS Lewis!

(This video was released today as well...)


HAHA the David Silverman billboard and Diversity Panel both made me laugh aloud :P


Where's Ophelia Benson? It's a real angry mob without OB.


Obsessive rehashing of diversity panel. Nice.

Greta Christina
What's the joke? I kinda like the billboard idea. :)

Oh, dear. That's what I was afraid of. I should have known Silverman would think this was a good idea. If American Atheists launches the infamous "Stupid Bullshit" billboard campaign next year, I'll have only myself to blame. :-)

S Barnett Cormack

If conference schedules were honest, a lot of them would look more like this ;)


Would certainly attend this, it'd be my first atheist con too.

Not sure if I'd attend the PZ Myers/Jerry Coyne deathmatch or not. I'm not into wrestling/fighting/etc, but that sounds more amusing than disgusting.


Oh... I want the Stupid Bullshit billboard to be real sooo much...

This is my favorite April Fool's gag of 2011, methinks.


You forgot to mention that there will be a discussion of next year's conference being held at Intercourse, PA or Hell, MI.


The deathmatch should be easy to determine. Just announce that the judge will be God Almighty Himself, who is entering the room right now....!

If PZ turns his head to look -- he loses.

satan augustine

Honestly, the billboard is a genuinely good I idea. Seriously. I mean it! Look, I don't do this April's Fool's shit so take me seriously!!

And since when do atheists celebrate Catholic holidays? I thought everybody knew this holiday originated as "The Feast of Saint Fool."

Ophelia Benson

Ha! I'm definitely going to the goats panel.


Ani Sharmin

He-he. I love it!

Cath the Canberra Cook

But you forgot PZ's poetry reading!


I call bullshit! You know full well PZ Myers is not, and never will be, sorry for the Narwhals!


The American Atheists campaign is rather good, but I personally prefer the British Atheists' billboard campaign:
"Religion, what a load of bollocks!" :)


With the end of the world happening in 2012, perhaps the 2013 conference should be held in Hell (Norway).


I'm worried to see that Silverman really thinks such a billboard would be a good idea...
The Santa workshop for toddlers has its merits, maybe the idea could be expanded to include the tooth fairy, god and the devil next year ! "Nothing to see here, they don't really exist, here are the party pies".


We should call the Boobquake sequel "Assteroid".

I so wish this was real :-D


I hope you are going to have live webcasts or at least recorded podcasts available. I am especially looking forward to the Harris, Dawkins, dennet and hitchens session.


Sounds suitably tongue-in-cheek, with fire and brimstone only present ironically. Expect a hipster swarm.

Janice in Toronto

I like the pitchforks, but can we bring torches too?

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