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Parsley Victorious

Excellent story. As sad as such a state of self-loathing is, I love the introspection. Taking his first steps toward accepting himself, at the end, is very heartening.



First time reading your blog. will be back for more.


Interesting because I have been telling myself much the same thing...from the moment my soon to be female lover first touched me. Im not a lesbian...I just love making love with her...specifically. *sigh*


I love it. I love every one of your pieces of erotica that I've read (I think this is the third).
I love how you take something that is in a way taboo and turn it into a complete turn on.


I usually just lurk your blog, but I just had to tell you how fantastic this piece is. Easily one of your best stories to date.

Xero Ankh

oh. really sweet. :3 really liked this. :D


Greta, your stories are so hot. I have only recently discovered *good* porn, and it never ceases to amaze me how little the genders and orientations of the characters have to do with whether I get turned on. It's truly all about quality writing!


That is beautiful. Sad and beautiful and hot, and I do love that first kiss at the end.


This straight guy thinks that this story is awesome.


You are like an angel of sex. If angels existed. If sex needed angels. As always, thank you, Miz Christina.

Steve Gerrard

You are so close to reality here. When I was younger and full of hormones I would go to places like this and do similar things, Yet I never felt I was gay. So much into the opposite sex and no I couldn't kiss a man, but sex is sex and gender dosen't seem to matter when the hormones are flowing. Now I'm very old and never do these things but don't have one ounce of regret over the many men who have masturbated me or sucked me.

Steve Gerrard

Interesting they went to the same church. So much for the goody/ goody religious folks. Wonder if the Priests ever " confess" their sins, and love for little boys

James Croft

That was wonderful. I do feel for Paul's wife. But that was wonderful.


How did you just write porn that made me cry? That was beautiful, in every way it could have been.

Rebecca H

Lovely, Greta. Wish you published smut more often. Glad to see you are having a blast in Des Moines.


Here I am a middle-aged straight soccer mom in tears over this story. I don't know why.


Wow, interesting story! I found it very arousing but at the same time the story made me think. The absolute torment religious homosexuals can go through breaks my heart.


A 73-year-old straight widow (whose son is gay) loved this story. You're a beautiful writer.

Michael Andrews

You are, Greta, a True Force of Nature! How you so masterly understand this situation defies me. You are astonishing! You were fascinating here in Sacramento, and now I'll have your blog to look forward to reading!


First time reading your blog and loving it! This is a wonderful story, so beautifully written. I love it!


I loved you short story Rest Stop, and I wanted to comment briefly about it. What I liked most was how you chose to use two Christians as the main characters! It's a perspective that tends to get lost in the "culture wars", that yes, there are "queer" Christians, and that this is going to have a profound impact on Christianity itself! I used to be a Christian, but this issue (LGBT), ultimately made me leave the faith. I couldn't be both!
Though late, I want to make mention of a NYTimes article (4/19/11) Even On Religious Campus', Students Fight For Gay Identiy. It was a very interesting article, and a fascinating glimpse into perhaps Christianity's next, and perhaps biggest, crisis! (Secularism is Christianity's biggest threat!)
There is an on-line site that was mentioned in this Times article that I found very moving. It's at, The State of the Gay, it's called.
I'm not sure that you can actually reconcile Christianity, with being LGBT (maybe it's possible), but for me, it was not!
Your story Rest Stop, reminded me of how much b.s. you go through in a straight world. I found myself relating very much to that curious form of self-destructive behavor that the first character was wrestling with. Wow. It was like you were reading my own thoughts!
I love your blogs, and I visit frequently! My wife has enjoyed your pieces, too! (We have a "mixed-oriention" marriage.) Your blogs are an oasis in the desert! Thanks agaain!

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Interesting story, from the characters to how it ended.

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You are a great writer Greta!

Keep it up, this was a good read.

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I loved your writing skill.


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