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For what it's worth, the gay mafioso is a common enough archetype to have its own TvTropes article: "Gayngster".

This may well get ninja'd, so I'm not going to say anything else. ;)


Another Sci-Fi where being LGBT is a treated as a non-issue is Babylon 5.


Lenoxuss: you need to put a warning label near any link to TVTropes. TVTropes Will Ruin Your Life.


themann1086: That warning link needed a warning label.



Actually I can think of a few episodes of Star Trek, specifically Deep Space Nine, that indicated gayness was a non-issue in the Star Trek universe. The examples weren't as striking as these and they were pretty infrequent, but then again these DS9 episodes aired close to 20 years ago (Aside: Shit, I'm getting old).

And no, it was just The Big Lesbian Kiss Episode either. Although even that one made it clear that, at least story-wise, no one had a problem with two women getting together. It was a taboo about rekindling past relationships that created the story's tension.

Cameron state in your post above "It's more than a little comparable to what being gay is like now. Here on Earth, I mean. Being gay is still a little bit shocking (for some people), still a conversation piece (more so in some parts of the country and the world than others). But, at least with the more politically moderate people and places, it's entirely legal, more or less accepted, only mildly surprising, and not something that will get you drummed out of town or fired from your job for corrupting the morals of the children." WHAT PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON??? Because I would like to join you! Had a co-worker fired for being a lesbian. Lost a mural painting job myself, for being gay. Had a gay man murdered, because he was gay, a half mile from where my partner was working at the time and this is recent. Lost 3 out of 5 friends when I came out. Oh, friend, I wish the world was as you see it. I really, really do. Maybe such shows as this will keep change going and growing. Certainly the world is changing...but not nearly fast enough. I guess I live in one of those "other" parts of the country. *sigh*

But a gay character who's a macho thug? Entrenched in a criminal organization based on macho thuggery?

Well, there's Omar from The Wire, who is definitely a macho thug, though rather than belonging to a gang, he robs gangs at gunpoint. As far as I'm concerned that's even more macho and badass.

"Oh, indeed."


Cameron: She lives on planet San Francisco Bay Area. Although it's the same in the major North American cities. NY, LA, Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Boston. I can't speak for Chicago, as I've never been there, but I fear that Illinois enacted SB3266 for a reason.


Gods I cant believe they canceled this, seems like the world has it in for great sci fi. sci fi seems to be pretty ahead of the curve in mature takes on sexuality (well except Torchwood, but then their take on everything is basically fuck convention, lets be awesome.)

For what it's worth, the gay mafioso is a common enough archetype to have its own TvTropes article: "Gayngster".

Heh, "Gayngster" brings amusing imagery to mind.

"They 'bsessed with corn-holin'*, they hatin'
They try to say our love is dirty
Try to say our love is dirty
Try to say our love is dirty
Try to say our love is dirty"

(*you know, because gay sex is just so GROSS that wingnuts often can't seem to talk or think about literally anything else.)

Ani Sharmin

I remember reading this article when you first posted it, and I greatly enjoyed reading it again. Portrayals of homosexual characters and character with different sexualities in science fiction are fascinating to me, and it makes me happy to see all different kinds of people portrayed as just another character, instead of their sexuality being the MAJOR plot.

Thanks for the review. I'm afraid I didn't catch Caprica while it was on, but I'll try to find it.


Ani, I wouldn't really bother. In terms of story and writing, it was lacklustre (though it looked pretty/gritty). In terms of sexuality exploration it really didn't go anywhere after the first two episodes.

The polygamy/polyamory thing was really just a convenient plot device, with little in terms of interpersonal relationships developed, and the gay thing wasn't a relationship in any way I'd categorise it: you saw the husband only twice, and he spoke on only one of those occasions, though he was mentioned one other time, when they were having "problems".

Yes, I agree that sexuality shouldn't be a major plot point. However it seemed like they were trying to make their relationship so incidental that the writing would have been served better by there being no "husband" in the first place. Paying lip service is almost as bad as pretending something doesn't exist at all. Hell, they could have saved that 30 seconds of screen time and 30 minutes of paid actor time for something else.

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