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Ruth Ellen

Done. For the puppies.


Hey everyone! I'm an avid PZ fan and Pharyngula reader. I came over to eavesdrop on the contest. In the spirit of fun competition, you guys need to step it up. PZ is putting the smack down!

P.S.- Greta, you are great! See you at Skepticon this year?


Done... This was a tough one - not making the donation itself (a no-brainer), but which team to support since I read each blogger almost on a daily basis!

Warm Little Pond

PZ is just. . . too. . . strong!

Yeah, P.Z. is almost there. Even though I put mine in for this team, the more money this wonderful camp can get the better. I wish there was something like this when my loin fruit was a youngster.


I chipped in what I could. But PZ has gotten almost twice as many contributors.


PZ's minions are cheap and only donate an average of $32, while Greta's donate over $35 each! May not have won, but have more class.

Jarred C

I gave my $50 for this team the other week - just had to sacrifice on beer for a few weeks so kids can enjoy such a wonderful camp as this. Thanks for bringing this camp to my awareness (and everyone else), Greta!

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