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Greta...thank YOU so much for including our site, BlackFreeThinkers (Ning) in your post. We're honored. We're also found on BlogTalkRadio
and Twitter @blckfreethinkers!


Is it too late to add?

Lavanam from the Atheist Centre in India.


Great post Greta. I just wanted to warn that I stopped listening to Mr. Finley's podcast because of some of his sexist comments. That's all I will say for now.


may be too late, but Albert Hughes, who along with twin brother Allen Hughes, directed Menace II Society, From Hell, and the Book of Eli. Albert's atheism was referred to in this article about the book of Eli

Mike Hunt

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Arthur Ward

Greta - my name is Arthur Ward (Apanage21). I will update this on my blog page.

C Woods

You may want to add:
Butterfly McQueen (actress)
Scott Joplin (composer)
Frida Kahlo (artist)
Diego Riveira (artist)
Paul Robeson (singer)
Mohandes Gandhi (spiritual leader)
Whoopi Goldberg (actor)
Omar Sharif (actor)
Langston Hughes (writer)
Alice Walker (writer)
Sarah Vowell (writer)

I have a very long list of freethinkers on my blog:

Look on the right sidebar under "post categories" and "famous freethinkers" for more. You may find more atheists of color there. (I skimmed through my list quickly ---may have missed some.) Not all on my list are "atheists" and I didn't differentiate those who identify as atheists, agnostics, skeptics, or simply champions of church/state separation when I compiled the list, so you might have to do some research. I know Butterfly McQueen was definitely an atheist and a supporter of the FFRF. Also Sarah Vowell is part Native American and is an atheist.

100% Atheist

Atheists of "color"? What color are you talking about? Hair color? Do you mean Non-White? Funny. Maybe you should say "Non-White Atheists" You say "people of color". You might not think so but these statements are racist. F*cking White People....

MyWorldIsOpen Blog

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