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This really was an extraordinary movie. =]


I'd really like to read those other reviews about how they portray sex in the movie. Feel free to write them ;)


I have to admit that I didn't go see the movie b/c I'm tired of the lesbians-really-want-sex-with-men trope. I also hate the gay-male-movie-must-end-tragically cliché.

Nice piece! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I do plan on it.

The thing that really made me jump to post a comment was your mention of writing an article about how teens deal with their sexualities in different ways. See, I'm a teen trying to figure out what to do with my sexuality. (Generally, I like to think of myself as eight years old, but now that I have a boyfriend and it's a little more complicated than that...)

There are plenty of wonderful resources all around me for the more straightforward and pressing questions teens will have (mechanics, protection, communication). There are not, however, any I've found that talk about this. I'm intensely curious as to how other teens deal and what they think--in other families, other schools, towns, and maybe even other cultures and times. I'm not sure my classmates would be so open to discussion (maybe at the ten-year reunion?) and even the fictional teens around me are completely insane (except Alexis on Castle and a couple of my favorite book's heroes).

And I really jumped at your offhand mention because I admire so much of your other writing and it seems to me that your thoughts on teens dealing with their sexuality would have particular grace and insight.

So what I'm really saying here is, Oo! That! Yes, please!

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