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Oh, no! it's not available in my country (Germany). If anyone knows of other places on the web where this has been reposted, please share :-)


Maybe this is a nitpick, but I think the sketch would have worked better if Greta's lines had been a little bit more adapted to the context—to her motivation of "treating" her "patient." Greta sounded like she was just reciting the Heterosexual Questionnaire; the script doesn't even seem to have her noticing that her patient exists at all. I mean, "if you've never slept with a person of the same sex"? Wouldn't an actual heterophobic therapist in that situation say "with a woman"?

A two-shot or two would have been very helpful as well, though I'm guessing there might not have been a third person on the scene to hold the camera. (?)

Sorry, film-school wannabe shutting up now.


Please accept my big *hugs*!
I love this. It's awesome. :-) Perhaps you didn't come up with the idea, but it's hilarious and wonderful none the less.


Love this video! It's amazing :)

Also, Rieux, I think the way it was recited now worked better, because it was more clear it was a parody on asking about homosexuals. Since every question is altered directly from the gay versions, which makes it all the more clear how rediculous they are when applied to straight people. Putting more syntax on it would make the translation back to the gay question more difficult and would have weakened the sketch, I think.


Isn't it absolutely shocking that in the 21st century, this sort of shit is still being asked of gay people? It just blows my mind.


I'm in Germany, and the vid isn't available in my country. Boo.


I just watched it via Friendly Atheist, it was brilliant. Very funny, and very thought-provoking. And I have to admit I felt chastened by that "final word" of yours. I promise to endeavorer to be less lame and heterocentric in future :-)


That was fabulous! Everyone needs to see this.



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