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I wish people would comment here so I wasn't continuously tempted to go back and read through the comments on the Alternet version. :'(


@Azkyroth - I just bookmarked the blog so that I'd comment here instead of reading it on Alternet. Alternet commenters drive me crazy. So perhaps we can start having a conversation.


I don't have much to add. It sounds disappointing and stupid, and fortunately the awesome friend-with-benefits I seem to have acquired has a marked preference for action movies and won't be dragging me to see it :3


Well, one thing:

I could have talked about the flagrant fakiness of the "TV production assistant/ aspiring writer gets his script into production in six weeks" storyline.

Perhaps this was an apology/preemptive strike regarding the movie's flaws? :3

David Harmon

And then there's the minor point of them trying to turn Natalie Portman into Julia Roberts. :-), but just look at that poster....

Blake Stacey

At some point, an overturned fruit cart would be an improvement.


I saw this movie because I got a free ticket and while in the beginning I was ready to break down it's plastic and ridiculous effect on young, women and men that see it. But by the end, I too had been uplifted and hopeful that I too could have a confusing interlude work out.

Which was so not the case of my last casual hook up. Can I have sex with falling for the person? I keep trying but it never works.

Maybe if I more role models in Hollywood maybe I could, lol.

The first sex scene killed me! Did she orgasm in those three minutes? We didn't see it and apparently it's not important becuase the effort was pointed towards him to finish because she had to go to work.


I'd like to point out that it's also a little sexist to assume that the woman is simply afraid of commitment, and that this is what she "really" wants, want will "actually" make her "truly" happy, the usual romance myth. It goes back to that tired double standard that pro-sex feminism has progressed so so far beyond compared to the herd.

I have had tons of friends with benefits. I agree that it's like any other friendship or acquaintance. Sometimes I move, sometimes they move, sometimes we just stop talking, some of us keep in touch from time to time, them are still on my rotation.

Rey Fox

"It's silly escapist entertainment."

I'm not sure what it's trying to escape from.

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