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Tracy Walker

Sounds fabulous, and I will try this soon!

A little cinnamon and coffee goes a long way in a chocolate pie, in my experience. If you get experimental again, you might want to try one or both of those.


This does sound wonderful!

For what it's worth (and because I'm reducing my weight through simple calorie counting, inspired by YOU!), I did a quick tally.

Assuming no whipped cream, 1/8 of this pie has 322 calories. Which seems like a pretty reasonable caloric price for so much yum.

Nurse Ingrid

Hey DarkEmeralds,

Does that include the crust? Greta and I have been meaning to do the math on this, but didn't get a chance yet this holiday season. If you have done it for us, we owe you one! Thanks!


I'm definitely going to make this. While cayenne does sound good, I also think well-ground chipotle peppers could be a nice addition. Another idea, I don't know how much flavor would come through, but maybe instead of flavored vodka, some bourbon in the crust could be nice.

Jess Fink

Hot dam Great, this has nothing to do with your chocolate pie (sorry!) but I just read a snippet of something you wrote reposted onto the Sex Is Not the Enemy blog and it made me cry is was so nice! Do you know where I could find the whole thing?
Here the link:


Jess: I recognize the article you're talking about, it's Sex and the Off-Label Use of Our Bodies.

On topic: this chocolate pie sounds delicious. I will have to try making it!


Go ahead and make the double crust recipe--you do know how to make Pie Crust Cookies, don't you? ;-)) (Roll out the left over dough, spread it thinly with butter or margarine, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, roll up and cut so it looks like tiny cinnamon buns, and bake at 350 for about 10 minutes--keep an eye so they don't burn :-)) My grandma calls those Hoosier Cookies, being from Indiana...

And Greta is correct--touch the pie dough as little as possible with your hands (use a fork to mix it), and everything that can be should be *cold* (use ice water if you're using water--though I'm going to have to try Greta's vodka crust! Greta--does the alcohol flavor remain?)

Greta Christina
Greta--does the alcohol flavor remain?)

Nope. If you didn't know, you'd never be able to tell.

Drew McCormick

An alternative pie crust is to use 15 pulverized Trader Joe's graham crackers and 4 Tablespoons of butter.


My dad taught me a very similar Chocolate Pecan Pie - the big difference, of course, is about a cup (I think? I don't have the recipe on me) of coarsely chopped, toasted pecans. You mix them in with the filling, although they mostly float to the top of the pie before it cooks. I second the Scharffen Berger's recommendation - quality chocolate really makes a difference. Also, if you have a food processor it makes pie dough a lot easier; you just have to keep an eye that you don't over-chop it. I will have to try the vodka trick - clever!


There's a chocolate cookie recipe that I use a lot, and over the years I've come up with a couple of variations. They seem like they'd work for this pie as well. One is to add the finely shredded zest of one orange. I use one of those microplane zesters, which makes lovely thin shreds. Variation two, which I just baked last week, involves a 1/2 teaspoon each of cinnamon and cayenne. Very nice. And any chocolate recipe is enhanced by the addition of a couple of teaspoons of Medaglia D'Oro powdered instant espresso. Almond extract, used in moderation, is also lovely with chocolate. I look forward to giving this recipe a whirl!

Greta, when you use 3 tablespoons of evaporated milk, what do you do with the rest of the can? Or do you just make enough pies to use up the whole can at one go?

Timmer D


"For the sweet love of Loki and all the gods in Valhalla..." I am shocked! We all know that Pikkiwoki, the New Guinean Mud God, is the ONE TRUE GOD!

P.S. The pie sounds divine.

Jim H

The pie sounds great, but my inner geek is lusting after the pi dish...

Greta Christina
Greta, when you use 3 tablespoons of evaporated milk, what do you do with the rest of the can?

I pitch it. I used to save it and pretend that I was going to put it in coffee or something, but I never did, and I always just threw it out when it went bad. I now just pitch it when the pie is done. It's wasteful, but whaddya gonna do. You gotta have chocolate pie, right?


It's still not clear to me what the point of mixing tiny flecks of butter into flour is, for pie crust. I've taken to melting an appropriate amount of butter and blending with flour, then chilling for an hour before rolling it and there's nothing really obviously different in quality between my crusts and those I've encountered elsewhere. >.>


At the moment, I have a chocolate spread/sauce made with rose water in my fridge. It is amazing and quite exotic. Might be a thing to try. I do love chocolate with spices, like the Lindt bar they used to make around the holidays. I also think crushed pretzel crust could be tasty, being the salt fiend that I am.


Imma gonna try this with a little Chambord. Should be delish.


No Chambord, Loser roommates drank it like pop. I did one with Grand Marnier and the other with cinnamon and coffee. Both taste lovely, but need something else; perhaps a beating of the egg whites, then fold.

The reason that butter or any other fat stay cold is that it explodes (yet covered in flour) to make the pastry flaky. Don't put a pie-crust or any pasty in a less than pre-heated oven.

Tracy Walker

Rather than pitch the evaporated milk, you could use it in chowder.

Just pour the leftover evaporated milk into your measure, and add up to the same amount of water and substitute for the milk in the recipe, If you have less than half the amount you need, add milk to the full amount.

Tracy Walker

...that would be, if you have less than half the amount you need of evaporated milk to make half milk half water... oh bother.

If you mix half water and half evaporated milk and still don't have as much "milk" as the recipe calls for, add (actual) milk until you have enough.

there. Hopefully it is less confusing now. Sorry about that!


Nurse Ingrid:

Yes! I used Livestrong's really rather excellent database of foods and calories, and input the filling ingredients plus the count for a commercially-available pie shell (probably very similar in cals to the home-made), and indicated that the finished pie would contain eight servings.

Nurse Ingrid

Excellent, DarkEmeralds. Now we can create a "chocolate pie" entry in our LoseIt database. (the iphone app that Greta and I use to count calories.)

Many thanks for doing the math and sharing it with the class!


I just remembered this morning--but Tracy Walker beat me to it :-)) I will add, though, that the cool thing about that site is the search function. Click on "Ingredients" up top by the search box, and you can search specifically for recipes that use those leftover ingredients you have hanging around your fridge. Useful.

David Harmon

I like the idea of cardamom -- I've been making oatmeal cookies and replacing half the nutmeg with cardamom, and that turned out great!


I have now made this pie and I am pleased to report that it is quite delicious and the recipe is very forgiving in terms of altering amounts. I happened to have 3 oz of leftover baker's chocolates, so I used all of them and then added an extra tbsp of evaporated milk to even out the ingredients.

Once I got to the baking stage, I realized that I didn't know what oven temperature to use. I put it at 350 F, but I think this was a little high because it baked in 20 minutes. I think I may have cooked it too long, but again, the pie seems to be very forgiving of my inability to follow directions :)

I agree that a bit of whipped cream is essential. I think next time I will try cutting the recipe in half, and then after the chocolate layer is completely cool, I will add a top layer of whipped cream mixed with cream cheese. I've made pies with this sort of mixture before: you take a softened 8 oz block of cream cheese and mix with a 12 oz tub of whipped cream. It creates a smooth and creamy layer. The cream cheese is nice because whipped cream doesn't hold its shape at room-temperature.

Thanks for the recipe, Greta!

Patti Cobb

Hi Greta,

I've made this pie several times now (including for Bruce's birthday) and it is fantastic! Now I have a challenge - was asked to make one for my downstairs neighbor who is diabetic (Type I) - so I am going to try it with substituting at least half the sugar with stevia, adding either extra milk or egg. Will report when done ;~). Patti

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