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Thank you for sharing this! Now if I can just find the perfect stock that isn't crazy with sodium but is still plenty savory. I needs mah savory.

Greta Christina
Now if I can just find the perfect stock that isn't crazy with sodium but is still plenty savory. I needs mah savory.

Make your own. Really. It's not hard at all.

Christianne Benedict

This is more a comment on your stock post (which I somehow missed), but I DO roast my veggies and it does make a difference. Plus, it makes the house smell divine. The only meat stock I make is turkey stock after Thanksgiving and Christmas. No saving up of bones required, because a turkey carcass is enough on its own. Plus it's freshly roasted.

Incidentally, it was nice meeting you at Skepticon (I was the transsexual who wanted to tackle you and steal your boots).


I like your improvisational approach to cooking. I tend to have a similar attitude myself -- I don't think you can be a really good cook if all you do is copy recipes word for word (though obviously they are fantastic inspiration). (My mum had a bit of a panic the other day because we didn't have any (*gag*) packaged beef gravy in or all of the ingredients for any of the recipes in our cookbooks. I threw some wine and some (alas, store-bought) stock into a pot, added garlic and tarragon and a few other things, and wound up with a gravy the whole family thought was the best they'd had.)

Cactus Wren

Now I'm all hungry.


I like the idea of a homemade soup that doesn't take long to cook. I've done this before but always thought I was cheating/doing it wrong--so for some reason I just didn't do it that often. But I think I will more now.

Happy New Year!


Really great post i like your recipes. Can you post something form prasouda diet menu

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