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Timmer D

" was hard for them to believe and understand that there are actually people out there that don't believe in God."

Oh that's just classic. Maybe they should try having "Faith" that we exist.


Works a lot better with the original title.


Given that most of these complainers are Baptist, I wonder when they're going to put the Mass back in Christmas.


If so called christians actually knew where their sacred holiday came from they wouldn't celebrate it but since the early christians decided to steal pagan celebrations, symbolism and demonize anything they couldn't fit into their way of thinking, they do celebrate. Tell a christian, in a civilized conversation that they usually begin, what christmas is really about and where it came from originally and watch the many shades of angry red their faces turn.

Jon Jermey

Manufactured outrage is cheap, easy to produce and sometimes effective. And as long as it goes on being effective people will go on trying to use it. It will stop only when most people's first reaction is not: "yes, you're absolutely right!" but rather: "what a weird and batshit thing to worry about!" Lots of work for us all to do before we get there.


Terrific as usual, Greta.

On the vuvuzela angle, it should be noted that the Texas atheists say they were humming "Jingle Bells" through the vuvuzelas (using them as simple megaphones), and not playing them "World Cup-style." Which makes that aspect of their presentation much less offensive, if you ask me.


That was lovely. I enjoyed reading the quotes from "good Christians" who only want their thumbprint on their children's minds and of course who are ignorant and can't spell. How sad they will be when some of those children tell them they were wrong.

Most, if not all, Christians do want a theocracy so they can feel like special snowflakes with all of the enforced external validation they can require. I can just see such a thing becoming frought with civil war since no Christian can agree on what that really means. We'd have the religious wars that plagued Europe all over again, with each sect declaring that the others are "satanic" and desperate to get everyone on their "team". Eclectic got it right, when oh when will we put the "mass" back in Christmas? :)


I wonder when they're going to put the Mass back in Christmas.

Excellent point. I'd also like to mention that there are 35 churches between my house and my parents', and of the four times I drove that route on Christmas eve and Christmas day, I saw three churches with their lights on, one of which had an empty parking lot.
So anyone who argues that Christmas is a religious holiday should be prepared to explain why good Christians aren't spending Christmas in church.


Many - but not all - christians realize, deep down, that they cling to an imaginary god, primarily out of convention, so they resent those who are strong enought to break away. We are a constant reminder of their weakness.

Superb post, Greta, as usual.

Timmer D

Sometimes I wish we had a ... not-church. Maybe call it a House of Reason. A place we can bring our kids to learn about Socrates, Aristotle, Euclid, Charles Darwin, Karl Popper and Carl Sagan too.


perhaps they should have started smaller, with kazoos or combs...


I love that no one batted an eyelid that THE GRINCH was in the parade, but a few atheists and we get our panties in a right tangle. (as opposed to a right angle, in which case I suppose their discomfort would at least be explicable!)

"I will honour Grinch-ness in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."

Jim Baerg

The ones that can't spell are amusing.

Does a 'petafile' require a petabyte hard drive to hold the data?



Socrates as a figure of reason? Yeah, I'ma say not so much.


On the vuvuzela angle, it should be noted that the Texas atheists say they were humming "Jingle Bells" through the vuvuzelas (using them as simple megaphones), and not playing them "World Cup-style."

Glad to hear it, that makes it much more defensible (I would have thrown them out simply for playing the damn things, had that been what they were doing).

I shouldn't be surprised, though. Carrying an actual tune on a vuvuzela is bloody hard, which is why you never heard anybody do it at the World Cup.


I've been trying to make the "You can't have it both ways" argument when someone brings up the war on Christmas. Can't say I've had a ton of success with it, unless you count "Failure To Compute" as success. But you (as usual) worded it much better than me.


Not an atheist (yet) but I AM to the point that I hate Christmas and wish it would just GO AWAY. Here in conservative Jim DeMint land, it has become just another excuse for abuse.

Why would common sense atheists want to take part? (not criticizing them for taking part, just wondered why)

Excellent post. And happy birthday!


@DaisyDeadhead: Not everyone has crummy experiences with Christmas. For many of us, it's a nice break in the middle of winter (which may not be such a concern in Texas), basically an excuse for a party in which we do the same things we have done since children, feast and make music and see relatives and friends we otherwise miss all year. Granted, I grew up in a rather secular environment in more liberal Canada (albeit Alberta), so I haven't had the holiday tainted by anything. To me, it's just the same as staying up 'till midnight on new years eve or wearing stupid hats and having cake on birthdays -- there is no reason for it, but it's fun. :)


I guess nobody cares that I have to explain to my children that there are people out there who do believe in god.

Believe me, it happens way more often than once a year.

atheist mama


Are the Christians quickly forgetting that they showed up at the gay pride parade in Chicago wearing shirts that said 'We're sorry'? I wrote about it here (

So, if they think atheists showing up at a Christmas parade is patronizing, they should take a look at their own practices.

I think Christians should give up on the idea of keep Christmas sacred. It's a secular holiday with religious roots. Simple enough.

Toxic Paradox

"Last I checked, the event was called a CHRISTmas parade. Not a Happy Holidays, not a Merry Hanukkah, or a Jolly Kwanza."

That isn't even just anti-atheist, it's anti-everything-except-what-I-believe. Unfortunately, trying to point anything out to these people is pointless, so that particular protestor wouldn't even realise s/he had said anything offensive...

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