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The biggest health hazard of all is that most of what makes us fat also promotes cancer.

Check this out if you need a little more incentive to stick with your weight loss plan:


Have you seen this blog on weight maintenance? It's by a woman on the National Weight Loss Register who has been maintaining for years, but who also (carefully) treasures her ties with the fat acceptance movement:

Allen C. Dexter

I love your balance and sense of fairness. That's why I check your blog regularly ever since I first discovered it through a fellow atheist friend.

As a man, I never looked down on women who were a little plump. In fact, I thought they usually looked a whole lot more healthy and attractive, if it didn't go too far.

I guess some people would say I'm overweight myself, but I don't feel like I am. At 6' 5" and 245 pounds, I eat what I want and have dream cholesterol levels, a result of very good family genes.
I weigh about what my father weighed at similar ages, and he lived to a healthy 95. I don't think anyone could honestly call me obese.

In my 76 years, I haven't spent so much as an hour in a hospital bed. The only medication I take is a thyroid hormone tablet once a day. The only general anesthetic I've ever had to have was for cataract surgery earlier this year. I try to eat healthily, but don't worry too much about portion sizes. I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones. My poor wife isn't. She has a constant struggle. Again, it's the genes.


Great post. The continued identification with a group you no longer belong to is a fascinating thing I've also experienced.

Paul Crowley

Another blinder. I'm grateful for the link to the "Debra's Just Maintaining" blog in the comments above, because it seems like the position you're setting out - embracing the good parts of what the FA movement pushes for, while rejecting the denialism - is rather a lonely one at the moment, and it would be good to know about other writers making a similar case.

(Commenting here rather than there because, well, you know, AlterNet commenters...)

Timmer D

"Say then, what are things indifferent?"

"Things that are not in our power."

"Say then, what follows?"

"That things which are not in our power are nothing to me."

-- The Golden Sayings of Epictetus


I noticed you said "say, actresses," as an example of who perpetuates these impossible beauty standards. But what about the sex industry, for example porn stars, the self-same porn stars you often promote?

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