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I still do, sweetie. Happy anniversary!

And may you have many more!


Those are wonderful vows! Happy anniversary!


Many happy returns!


Absolutely beautiful--thank you for sharing:))

Robyn Slinger

How sweet :-)
Celebration day!


Lovely vows, Happy Anniversary!


Very nice vows. Thanks for sharing them, and congrats!


*Cheers* Thanks for sharing this! Especially given that my wife and I just recently got married, with similarly carefully thought-out vows.

Heh, it'll give us something to talk about on our way to Skepticon, Greta!

Nurse Ingrid

I still do too, sweetie. Happy anniversary to you. And thanks to everyone for your kind wishes!

amia sampson

that was beautiful! many congratulations to both of you.

Greta Christina

Thanks so much, everybody! Your sweet thoughts and support means a lot to both of us.


My poly radar noted the lack of "forsaking all others" language. So congratulations on the trust.

And congratulations on your happy life together. May it be long, and may your continued happiness together annoy the Mormons every minute!

Stellar Ash

Happy 5th and may you have many more together.


That is so lovely! Happy anniversary and many more!

William Brinkman

Congratulations! I hope you have many more good years.


Congratulations to you both. Many happy times ahead as well.

Serena Dante

Awesome, congratulations! =)

Blake Stacey


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