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Heidi Anderson

LOVE this review. Love it.


I'll hold the Tsar down and you punch.


Let me dust off my class-warfare torch and pitchfork, I'll be right there.


I'm a new fan.

I don't really watch TV, and not many movies. Its this kind of glorification of excess and horribly silly relationships, that tend to have me yelling and throwing things at the screen, in a manner that is quite inappropriate giving the cost of the screen. (and its not the screen's fault, it could be playing something smart another day... One can hope.)


Oh! I had a ...(mumph, mumble)...guillotine...(munya, munya)...somewhere...back here in the... (mumble, mumph)...closet...hey, there's my other Jimmy Choo, I wondered where that went... Be right there!


Visit the new Greek Orthodox blog "Atheism, the denial of truth."


What an awesome review, thanks.

One thing I might disagree with though...Any equivalency between the fucked up gender politics of the middle east and those of the upper east side as seen by middle America. It's like comparing rocks and oranges. Even the most liberal, progressive parts of the Arab world(probably the urban areas of Lebanon or Egypt would qualify) makes the Promise Keepers look like NOW.

My favorite part of the review; "As part of a consensual kinky sex scene, if she'd knelt in front of him and he'd slapped her face and shoved his cock down her throat and ordered her to say "Thank you"? My feminist ideals would have been completely okay with that. As a real-world resolution to a serious problem in a contemporary marriage? It made me want to take a shower. One of those industrial waste accident/ Karen Silkwood showers."

To "Orthodox";
Have you actually READ anything here? If not, spamming for your death cult on atheist blogs is incredbly rude. Also, since the Orthodox church considers itslf the only true religion, why not pages like "Catholocism: The Denial of Truth", "Judaism: The Denial of Truth", et al? Oh right, time to circle the wagons and be ecumenical.


I never saw the original, I had no interest in the sequel, and obviously I don't give a flying fuck now, but... damn I love a good snark!

Sometimes, it's so hard to say something nice that it's better to be mean with style. Like Dorothy Parker's famous review: "This is not a book to be tossed aside lightly, but rather hurled with great force."

Or, more on this blog's subject, one of my favourite reviews of Laura Antoniou's book in a feminist mag. In toto, it was: "Have rec'd something lurid titled Leatherwomen, supposedly written by a woman. Yeah, right. Real women don't write like that. Or shouldn't."

With a review like that, how can you not be fascinated?

Orthodox: that link might be relevant to an atheism article, but WTF were you thinking spamming it here? Also, a vaguely intelligent person would think to warn people in an english-language blog that the link is 100% greek. But you're none of those things, you're a spammer...

Stepan Ivanovich

I am with you comrade Greta! Should we take over the Smolny girls school and organize the uprising from there, or just meet on the Nevsky prospekt and start right away?


The worst thing is that if they had been grown up about the whole thing and explored the issues you mentioned in your wonderful review, it could have been a great film! I'd really like to see a parallel story done by someone with the talent: take four consumerist city women on an actual learning experience, explore the problem of enjoying a fantasy (of the exotic middle east) while simultaneously condemning it, let one of them learn how to deal with her changing identity and another get over her trust issues and so on. In my mind that would be a pretty interesting (and pretty pro-women) film!

Stupid misguided Hollywood.


"Wait for this movie to come out on DVD. Then DON'T rent it."

The most annoying part about the franchise is that it appears to be based on 4 strong new age feminists that embrace their femininity and sexuality. What it is actually based on is consumerism and sexism. Its a terribly misleading message for young girls who think they identify with the characters.


I think this movie is a mixed blessing. On the one hand you have the consumerism and the co-optation of pro-sex feminism. You also have the perpetuating of body image issues which is another co-optation of pro-sex feminism (for example Annie Sprinkle is overweight).

But it's a mixed blessing because the character of Samantha played by Kim Catrall brings the pro-sex message of women's sexual liberation to the mainstream. Now girls sport t-shirts that say "I'm the Samantha". They have an abysmal lack of depth and knowledge about feminism but that's definitely better than the old days of girls being squeamish and insecure about their sexuality.

Account Deleted

I am so delighted to view this amazing post. Thanks...

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