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Tina in Houston

OK, I enjoyed that. I actually held my breath until the very end.


Will there be a part two?


Very nice! I had no idea you had such knowledge of catholic ritual and tradition.

Of course, by calling it "nice", I'm disagreeing with your description.

Well, okay, one mild criticism: the "sex worker falling in love with the client" is something of a well-trodden trope.


You've said before that the highest praise you can give porn/erotica is that isn't your kink, but you still enjoyed it. Definitely applies here. Totally not my thing, but found it amazing.


Wow, you have an amazing way with words.

I could easily visualize the whole event taking place.

Wish I would have stopped by blockbuster and picked up some popcorn for this one :)


Wow, Greta! That was fantastic! You captured the wierd sense of both sexual excitment, and guilt, that I have felt in my own life, with astonishing directness. Growing up religious (and by that I mean, in a very fundamentalist Baptist background)I wrestled with feelings of liking girls, as well as boys(that is, certain girls and certain boys my age). I kept these thoughts and feelings hidden for years! I can relate to the thrill of wanting to be be punished for that. It got all twisted up; shame and pleasure. Which was which? Religion does that to people. Eventually, I was able to just accept myself for what I had always been. Before that,though, I saw myself as a very bad person. Now I don't. Thanks for your very interesting look into religiously motivated S&M!(There's something of Ted Haggard in this!Poor bastard. He's not fooling anyone but himself if he thinks he's been "cured!" Someday, he's going to be surprised!)


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