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The Bosoms

What do you mean "both genders"?!
There are way more than two!!


What do you mean "placeholder website at"?! I want half-naked skeptics, not placeholders! Waaaaaah!
Srsly, what happened? Did somebody forget to renew the domain name? =<


That's actually what it looks like- the domain was created on 22-Nov-2009 and modified today. It says it expires in 2011, but I bet that it was renewed by the registrar so they can sell it if the real owner doesn't renew within a month or so.

The Bosoms

Oh my you're right, that domain _is_ expired... just like 'both' genders!


Jeez, I hope they get on that! It would really suck for them to lose their domain.

Greta Christina

They're on it. They're working on fixing it now.

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