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Andy Cunningham

Chin Scritches from the UK!

Paul Crowley

Damn you, Greta Christina, Ingrid and Lydia, you slay us! It just builds up, and then the last three frames,just aaugh!


Aww, such cute pictures :-)

I'm glad to hear things are going well so far, considering the circumstances.

Kathleen F.

Good luck, Lydia! Many chin scritchies and neck rubs for you!

and omg the Giants are AWESOME.


I'm glad to hear she's on the mend. Hopefully everything continues to go well.


That's such great news!
I recognise that nude belly look - one of ours had to have an ultrasound for suspected heart issues and months later it's still looking kind of sparse. We still like blowing raspberries on it and she stll gets embarrassed. That's good though; prior to these tests we thought she had NO shame!
Continued skritches and love to all four of you (can't let anyone be left out!).


The mass they saw earlier on the ultrasound turns out not to be cancer -- it was just adhesions and fatty tissue.

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