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Do you get a lot of e-mails asking you to call or write a representative that are not sent to you by conservative organizations of family members?

I've never seen anything like that; it seems to me that this practice of sending out alerts that call for action is far more common among the Right than it is among the Sane.


interesting... is there an opportunity here?

Would you pay a few cents extra if the process of writing a real letter (not an email) were made easier?

Is there already a site that does this? Lets you write an enelectronic letter and they send out the actual letter.

I know this is lame, but the biggest part that stops me from writing a letter, is the printing, envelope stuffing, finding a dog forsaken stamp, and taking to the mail box.


OT: I would like to know what you think of how Monica Shores (Ms. Magazine blogger) framed your view of Gnu Atheism's handling of gender issues, in this article.
Jen and PZ have already written about this.

Greta Christina

llewelly: Jen summed up perfectly exactly what I would say about it, and more. I am, with Jen, appalled that they would frame me as a "progressive blogger," without bothering to mention that I am a freaking FEMALE ATHEIST BLOGGER, and one who is (if I can be immodest for a moment) very widely read and well respected in the atheist blogosphere. Plus there's the fact that they neglected to mention my name. There is, as Jen pointed out, a terrifically stupid irony in the fact that Ms. Magazine is grinding an axe about how female leaders in the atheist movement aren't sufficiently recognized... without bother to actually, you know, recognize us. (Again -- as Jen said. Her piece really does say it better than I could.)

But then, I can't say I'm surprised. I have been underwhelmed by Ms. Magazine for a very, very long time now.


Thank you.

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