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That's really reassuring for me. I'm the "minute girl". I'm a bit frustrated with myself for rushing to orgasm, for not savoring, for grinding my teeth and straining my thighs to get there as fast as possible. So there is hope for me - maybe when I get older, I'll also become more patient.

Serena Dante

I just love your last line!

Brad Hanon

Wow, that's beautiful. And something I should think about myself, on the occasions when I've got a bit of whiskey dick going. Thank you.


I know exactly how you feel. Of course, I"m a guy, but besides that, I have the exact same problem and has discovered the exact same joy it just being in the moment of slowly building pleasure. I'm so glad you wrote this! Its nice to know that there are others out there experiencing the same thing.


Now I come to think about it (no pun intended) that makes so much sense. Thankyou Greta!

Lilith Land

I understand where your coming from (no pun intended)in regard to the changes that our bodies go through with age. I am 46, and for me, it is more of a desire thing. I can still climax fairly easily; I just have less interest in doing so. So, I just accept where I am in and enjoy the moment. Desire, like orgasm, can't be forced.

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