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Melissa Maples

While this is a step in the right direction, certainly, it's important to remember that having no religious affiliation is not at all the same thing as being an atheist. I know many, many people who do not want to affiliate themselves with any particular religion, but who definitely believe that there's a god. It's one thing to want to separate yourself from the Pat Robertsons and Eddie Longs of this world; it's a completely different struggle to be able to sever ties with the entire idea of the existence of a deity. In fact, I'd say the two concepts have almost nothing to do with one another.


While I agree with Melissa, I think that the majority of the problems caused by theism are related to the nature of organized belief.
It is my opinion that most of the older people who have lived with a belief in god and an afterlife will die with it. I'm fine with that as long as they don't listen to the frauds and shysters who use this belief as a power base. Moderate believers can function without problems in a secular society.

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