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"But I've learned that a slut is just a woman with the morals of a man."

That's a really cringe-worthy sentence for me. Belongs into the "stereotypes about men" category.

David Harmon

The thing about those plot flaws... they're actually realistic, in that reality is often far less "believable" than fiction!


Great review. Now I'm really curious to see this movie, as a sort of cultural study.

@ Hitch. I agree. I wish it had been put as "a slut is a woman with the morals society ascribes to men," or something like that.

Spencer Troxell

Regarding your 'Shmashmortion' aside, I thought Seth Rogen had a good response to that accusation in his Playboy interview:

'PLAYBOY: Knocked Up has been criticized for being too far-fetched. Could a stoned, unemployed slacker really hook up with a woman as hot as Katherine Heigl, even if she were blind drunk?

ROGEN: The people who say that are just guys with ugly girlfriends. That's all that is. [laughs] Honestly, I think that's a bullshit complaint. Before I was in movies I dated women who were far more attractive than I had any right to be dating. Sometimes it just comes down to your personality. Saying otherwise is demeaning to women.

PLAYBOY: How is it demeaning?

ROGEN: Maybe my character in Knocked Up doesn't have the greatest personality, but he has his moments. He's positive, he's funny—it's not like he's a horrible person. I think it's a discredit to women to suggest they wouldn't be able to recognize that a guy is kind and worthwhile even though he might be a little chubby. So basically, if a woman is attractive, that means she's automatically an idiot and superficial?'

chicago dyke

i believe in total freedom of choice for all people when it comes to reproduction. but i have to say: esp right now in this economy and with all the social and cultural uncertainty we're experiencing, it seems like a really dumb idea to be a single mom, or to marry a lover from a one night stand. i can't applaud choices like that, even as i'll defend her right to make one.

seconding Hitch. "morals of a man" is demeaning and stereotyping.

Air Jordan

Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. Do you agree?

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