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As an atheist and a Humanist, I encourage my fellows not to push the progressive and religious folks too hard. They share a lot of our values (ask my Catholic wife).

Nevertheless, I do not discourage the radicals.

Dawkins is a classic example of moving the "Overton Window". For the past century, the Humanists have been the farthest reaches, and shunned, therefore. Now, Dawkins and the Gnu Atheists come along and push the boundary farther. And the Humanists become much more acceptable and comfortable to all because the Gnu Atheists, brash, pushy, arrogant, are more radical. The frame has been moved.

The next step will be to push the boundary further, making Dawkins merely uncomfortable for people and the Humanists main stream.


DrDave: If you believe Dawkins is a radical, or an extremist, you are doing it wrong.


Valhar, I don't think I called Dawkins an extremist. I just noted he pushed awareness and the boundaries. This allowed the compromise to be made with folks that once seemed radical. Progress gets made. The frame is moved. Standard process. Neither Dawkins or I are doing it wrong.

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