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John B Hodges

See Comment #6 at this post on Pharyngula.

Mattir says: "If you have to have faith in your atheism, you're doing it wrong."


I'm glad you use the word "better" as a qualifier for evidence.

It's my contention that no one, especially the religious, has anything that amounts to what can be described as "faith".

Theists, I think, have more credulity than the rest of us. They actually believe that certain stories told in ancient texts are either 100% literally true, or are "true enough" in a metaphorical sense so they should build their lives around belief in that evidence.

The rest of us say, "meh". Snakes don't talk, even metaphorically, and someone who had the power to multiply loaves and fishes would have been better served by multiplying the collection plate so everyone could have a nice dinner at Outback Steak House instead of a few measly crusts of bread and some dried fish.

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