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U.S., Canadian, E.U., and international regulations require that I respond to posts of this nature by saying KITTIES!!!


I can't help it. I wonder how many poeple reading this post had a thought "pop" into their head...i.e....."Oh, so prior to this, Lydia wasn't into licking pussy?"

Does this qualify as altruistic behavior?

Similar "acts" happen in my marriage on occasion.

David Harmon

I suspect your cats are in fact the more normal case... my understanding is that most cats just aren't that social.

Nurse Ingrid

I think you're right, David. Lion prides notwithstanding, I think most cats are solitary buggers in the wild.

Douglas Adams used to say, "I think all cats are wild cats. They just act tame if they think they'll get a saucer of milk out of it."

I dunno about that, though. The lazy oafs in this picture would not last 5 minutes in the actual wild. Probably not even in our backyard.

...and I say that as the one who spoiled them that way!


Here's two of our cats pretending they like each other. Felix (white) only tolerates Pixie (black) when he thinks he can get a "bath" from her.

Atheist Cat Lover

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