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Cori May

I had a 'spiritual' experience once, but I do not attribute that to any higher power, but just to some extremely messed up part of my brain, and one I would like to explore in no way involving a higher power.

fionn maccumhail

When I hear the phrase "I had a spiritual experience" (or any variation on it), I cannot help but think "so you're saying that some part of your brain circuitry burned out and you're still suffering the consequences?"


I had a spiritual experience once. Then I wiped, washed my hands and got on with my life in the same way.


I had a spiritual experience once. Then I recovered and worked around the damaged bits.


The Maria usually commenting here:

I've never had a spiritual experience. I'm still not clear on what it even means.

El Suscriptor Justiciero

I'm not sure that the sentence "Spiritual Experiences Aren't Good Evidence" is entirely right. The way it's redacted says that spiritual experiences are bad evidence, which seems to imply that they are evidence at all. Which AFAIK they aren't. Do you think I am right?

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