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it's probably the other way around
I assume you mean that a better working society promotes atheism. Be prepared for people to misread that as if atheism makes societies work worse, despite that this would contradict the rest of the meme.

I misread th`t `t first and was very confused. Thanks for clearing that up, Deen.


I understood that sentence the first time. Then again, I've heard that before. Most people who talk about this do seem to think that it is societal health that brings about widespread atheism, rather than the converse.

Nakor Bluerider

Admittedly it took me a couple seconds to get the meaning. But it's a very good message, and one I had never thought of when I hear the argument for society needing religion.

To be honest, I'm not sure a society already mired as thickly in religion as the US could healthily survive a sudden change; many of the already religious probably wouldn't do well if they lost their faith, at least for a while.

It almost makes religion seem like a societal addiction -- take it away and people will suffer withdrawal, but eventually it'll be better for it!


I think lack of religion and prosperity are mutually reinforcing to at least some extent, and the inverse factors function likewise.

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