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its not that you don't have the right, its that no body likes having people try to convert them. Mormon or Atheist, both are just as annoying for proselytizing. sure, you have a right to, but whats the fucking point.

Doug From Dougland

You're right, jasper. It's not like anybody ever tries to persuade other people that their opinions are mistaken and I'm just as annoyed by all those strident atheists walking door to door and handing out copies of the God Delusion as you are.

(spoiler alert: snark)

As much as it's great to think that we can all keep every single opinion we've ever had to ourselves and live inside our own little worlds where nothing we think is ever challenged and nothing we know is ever wrong.... well, no, that's actually a pretty fucked up world. But it's warm and fuzzy, I'll grant you that.

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