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Lou Doench

Whilst I agree with your sentiment Greta, I feel compelled to point out once again... within well accepted Star Trek canon (most notably Diane Duane's excellent "Spock's World"), Vulcan's are NOT atheists themselves. Quite the contrary. All Vulcan's have a profound awareness of existence of the creator of the universe. Part of their psionic abilities i believe.

Diane Duane also sums up the philosophy of Surak more succinctly than just logic. "See the Universe as it is, not as you wish it to be." which is pretty good advice.

I'll slink away into my nerd cave now ;)....


Hmm… That doesn’t sound canonical to me, esp. given Roddenberry’s atheism. Memory Alpha doesn’t mention it either. But there is Kiri-kin-tha's First Law of Metaphysics: "Nothing unreal exists."

Seth Manapio

I covered this in rather extreme detail here, and also here.

In brief, not only are skeptics not Vulcans, Vulcans aren't skeptics. They're religious fanatics. Vulcans are much, much more like Christian penitents than atheists.


I can't believe that no one has mentioned yet the Vulcan irrationality towards sex.


Ckitching, gives me an idea for a t-shirt: "Vulcans do it with cognitive dissonance"

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