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Hey, and what about "almost-unbearable-but-good-and-then-all-of-a-sudden-relaxing" in other body parts than genitals (like ass or feet...)?! :)
I've been thinking and discussing around the issue of orgasm a lot, but mainly on the aspects of the images we have of it and the gender roles, relationship aspects, expectations etc. Your post opens another path in the jungle, thanks. Good to read!


How about a different type of think-gasm? I recall a young lady once telling me, after an intellectual phone conversation, that she had been brought to orgasm by something particularly intelligent I said. She said it was during a point in the conversation when she had disappeared for a minute and then come back saying she had dropped the phone. (I was a little perturbed that she hadn't let on, but oh well."


Greta - you are wonderful. Who else writes about sex the way you do?
One of my favorite gasms (and from now on I will call orgasms, gasms - much more fun, less clinical - almost a portmanteau of "gasping" & "spasm") is when I jerk off and concentrate on one small area of my cock, maybe the frenum or a little area along the rim or right at the hole. I can try to have a partner work that same spot but its never the same because only I can respond to the little changes in real time. Makes for one intense gasm.

Becca Chimis

Greta, thank you so much for inventing the term "mini-gasms"! I get those, too, but I never know how to explain it. So thanks, this is very helpful! :-)

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