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You are right, it really is amazing how much better things have become in such a short time. It is easy to forget this when one realizes how much bigoted idiocy there still is, but when you take a step back and look at the long term trend progress is undeniable.

Not an excuse to ignore all the bigotry there still is, but it does give you much needed encouragement.


Kind of puts the lie to the old saw that violence is never the answer, too.


I'm becoming more and more suspicious of the line that hatered is unhealthy and peace is always good.
I notice that this line is only sometimes pushed from within oppressed groups themselves whereas it's always pushed by the powers that be.


God damn it, I despise it when the retards make their "special privileges" arguments! When I first read about Alan Turing, it made me want to cry. And now this. How anyone could even try to support the "if you ask for protection from bigots, it's the same as asking for special privileges" tripe.

Great post, Greta. I'll keep an eye out for this documentary.

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