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That's the best with blogging, isn't it? That you can do it in your pajamas :-)

Congratulations! Please let us know if you hear of someone taping it.




I'm so excited to see you again! You can't get over being the keynote, and I can't get over people listing me when they advertise ;)


Baaaaahahahahahaha, "expanded disco version".


Timothy (TRiG)

You wear pajamas? You surprise me.


Paul Crowley

They're lucky to have you - I just hope you're speaking at something I can attend next time I'm in California. Congratulations!


I absolutely expect a disco suit now.


Is there a standard, reliable way of finding recordings of these things to listen to?

It's not that I want to have my cake and eat too (well, not entirely): I'd buy a ticket and go, but 3000 miles of salt water is a significant obstacle. Swimming that much leaves me tired and cranky.

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Spam spam spam, wonderful spam... I'd like to say that I'm impressed that the topicality algorithms of the spam bots are improving, but actually it's just kind of disappointing that even when they're on subject, the spambots are still annoyingly irrelevant and obvious.

Come on, y'all, step it up a notch: get the spam bots advanced enough that they can write as well as a typical Internet drive-by commentator! It's not a high bar to reach.


Oh, also: congrats on the keynote speakership, Greta! I'm sure that butts will be kicked, and names taken.

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