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If you want a far more ribald take on this idea, the Sexy Losers webcomic (winner of 6 out of 5 toilets on the "list of potentially offensive webcomics" offsensometer) had a thread about the "Dutch Wife Fairy" who brings sex toys to life.

Timothy (TRiG)

Would this be a good place to mention Tim Minchin's "Inflatable You"?



I think your interpretation was a little harsh on Hideo; it seemed to me that he didn't "replace" the doll because he was tired of her, but because she was hiding in the cupboard under the stairs; he's overheard complaining about someone disposing of his stuff, although that part is fairly ambiguous.
Also, his entire reaction to her animate status takes place within the five minutes after being suddenly confronted with his doll come alive. I think he was more conflicted than your review suggests; he did ask if she could go back to the way she was before, but he also did go after her when she ran away.

And the doll *does* finally end up taking the erotic initiative, albeit with not-so-good results...


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I suppose this is a different twist on what gives 'meaning' to life. Did sex alone bring the doll to life or was it his evolving feelings?
Here is a rather humorous look at sex dolls - Sex Dolls - Safe Sex? Maybe Not (Humor)

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