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Paul Crowley

Damn, can't see this on Facebook yet!


I have a button that I wore on my coat for years, and still have on my refrigerator: "He is YOUR god, they are YOUR rules, YOU burn in hell."

El Suscriptor Justiciero

I'd even argue that Religious Rules Don't Apply To People Who Believe Them Either. They're no ethics or morality, they're just bullshit.


I would like to take this argument a little further. Although "respecting" someone else's religion seems fair on the surface, in reality, it is the opposite. It is the Religious who "disrespect" the non-religious by relentlessly forcing their beliefs upon everyone else, and people have the right to fight back by exposing the absurdity of their beliefs. It is the Religious who fanatically “disrespect” the right of other people’s “Freedom FROM Religion”. So what the Religious are saying is: "We can hit you, but you can't hit us."

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