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"In the rest of our lives, we have as much satisfaction, contentment, and joy as anybody."

Probably more-so. We have no need of fearing an imaginary sky-daddy or worrying about burning in a fictional eternal hell.

Bruce Gorton

I actually explained it on my Blog yesterday:

The internet and hope

The internet is basically humanity’s most honest face. This is why there is porn of it, no exceptions. Part of understanding the internet however is this: It is easier to write about stuff that bugs you.

Bruce Gorton

Posted by: NewEnglandBob | May 12, 2010 at 02:00 PM

I would say we aren't really so much happier, as we tend towards the more active emotions. We laugh more than we cry because you can do more with laughter in your voice than tears in your eyes.

Cori May

Darned tootin'.


"Many of us seem cranky in arguments on the Internet -- but that's because we're in arguments on the Internet."

Greta for the win!

belinda rachman, esq.

I just read your article asking why people are still Catholics. I could not agree more!! Rational thought must win out over superstition. More damage has been done by religion than anything else. I am so sick of these know nothings trying to elect officials who would deny everyone their personal freedoms. If only they would all congregate in one area and we could isolate them from the rest of us!!

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