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Peter N

Great article, Greta. Since you hadn't yet gotten any comments here, I went over to alternet to see how it had gone over, and -- just wow. An astonishing display of stammering, drooling, ignorant godbotting. Oh come, all ye faithful -- isn't there any one of you with a coherent thought? Or at least one who can spell?


Alternet rivals Youtube when it comes to the average comment quality. And that is saying something.


Valhar2000, you should apologise to the YouTube community immediately. How dare you compare them to such a thing.

After reading those comments, I've come to the conclusion that the phrase "I believe in evolution, but..." (or anything equivalent) is very much like the phrase "I am not a racist, but..."

It's like a disclaimer for the ignorant, obnoxious, incoherent drivel that will inevitably follow.


I started writing a comment, and then it got really long, so I ended up posting it on my own blog instead. Anyway, good post!

I hope that this post means that Ingrid is feeling better.

Nurse Ingrid

Um, arensb, I think perhaps your comment was meant for another thread?
But yes, I am feeling better, thanks!


I don't, Hyperdeath: you are right that Alternet commenters have turned their thing into an art-form, but if Youtube allowed more than 500 characters per comment, who knows what height if mediocrity they might achieve?


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Jesus loves you

Well you are wrong of course, Darwinian Evolution has been debunked, read this everyone and don't fall for Great's Atheistic spin on Science:

Mark D.

You and everyone else completely miss what has to be the absolute greatest epic fail of the entire design hypothesis:

Dolphins, whales, manatees, sea snakes, etc.

Why, why would a designer create aquatic animals - animals that spend their entire life in the water - that can only breath AIR!

It's not like he didn't know how to make gills.

Evolution provides an explanation, supported by fossil evidence.

The design hypothesis just shows us that the design is an incompetent dumb ass.

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