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Mary O

Having been diagnosed with a herniated disk in my lower back on the 12th of March, I can sympathize. My best to you both and a speedy recovery to Ingrid. I feel your pain.


Hope Ingrid will get better soon! That really doesn't sound fun at all.

Renee S,

Get well soon, Ingrid!

Chad Groft

Best of luck to you both!

I slipped a disk about 18 months ago. The first few days sucked; had neuropathy for a couple of months. Now, 95% of the time it's like it never happened.

Not saying Ingrid's experience will be the same, but it should get better.


Ouch! Take however much time you need; the blogosphere will always be there.

Best wishes for Ingrid's full recovery.


Much luck and love to Ingrid, as she recovers, and to you, as you care for your lady. Acupuncture was very helpful to me for pain management when I had a similar back injury. Also, cannabis was an excellent relaxant; preferable, to me, to Rx drugs.

Laura M.

Thanks for the update! Oi, back pain is such a bummer. Sending you good back vibes. :)


I was wondering why you had the "women love gay porn" up again. Until I scrolled down. That seriously sucks, but at least the odds sound good. No problems on the blog end--we'll all still be here! :)

Sending you guys all my best. Good luck!


All the best to Ingrid. I hope everything turns out well.


Hope she recovers fully and quickly!


Poor Ingrid! Here's hoping her recovery is quick and complete. My best wishes to the both of you - you'll be in my thoughts.

Jon Berger

I'm really sorry and I hope she feels better. Was this job-related? I'm told nurses are the highest-risk profession for back problems.

Greta Christina

Thanks, Jon. No, it wasn't job related. The short answer: She bent over to pick up the mail. The more accurate answer: She evolved from a quadrapedal species, and nevertheless insisted on walking around on two legs. For over forty years, no less, and on a planet with humongous gravity. I know. What was she thinking?

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