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Alyson Miers

Yay for boobies! Behold, my black lacy bra!


I can't believe this actually caught on, but hey! It's all good!

I will now go cower in a deep dark cave in fear of a) the coming earthquake and b) the fact that Boobquake is a feminist plot to distract us males using low-cut tight tops in order to get close and cut off our Johnsons*.

* Unfortunately, I have heard that one, expressed in more circuitous terms.

Jack Rawlinson

Well, it seems the cleric may have been onto something. I definitely felt the earth move yesterday, and an "immodestly dressed" woman was involved. QED, atheism is bunk, God hates boobs, burquas for all, you shameless hussies.

Probably. :-)

Vinnie Tesla

Now look what you've done!


Oh dear. I guess it's all true. GASP

Barb Shillinger

I'm laughing, laughing, laughing at your BoobQuake Experiment!!! You GO, Girls!!!!
I don't know; it's the 27th now and I didn't notice SW WA State, where I live, doing any shaking yesterday. Of course, our 105 year old house shakes whenever a truck goes by, so maybe I just thought it was that and NOT the BoobQuake!!!


I am shocked! Shocked! that you, of all people, would dress so immodestly! How dare you lead men astray like this?


Thanks for helping to demonstrate just how ludicrous that sort of claim is.

That they are telling women how to dress is bad, that they're trying to use fear and ignorance to do it is worse.

They should be met with ridicule, and that's what you (and they other particpants) have so amply done - shown that sort of thing to be just what it is - laughable.

Kudos to all.


How dare you lead men astray like this?

Not only men!! *stares* :-)

The Nerd

You two are such a lovely couple. :)


Cute dresses!


Thanks for supporting mockery of stupid ideas, but I have to admit that I'm not sure how "immodest" that dress is by San Francisco sex writer standards.

This is the city that gives us the Folsom Street and Dore Alley Fairs, and if you've ever volunteered for the pride parade, you'll remember the "persuading people to put their clothes back on" part of the training...

Maybe it's already disproved... if female immodesty triggered earthquakes, San Francisco's next big quake would have occurred the year I walked the length of Market Street next to a woman wearing the bottom half of a red leather bikini...


I should mention that male immodesty at the San Francisco events I mentioned is even more spectacular, indeed I winder if it might disturb the Iranian clerics even more than the Dykes on Bikes.

Does the "immodesty causes earthquakes" theory have anything to say about the effect of male immodesty?


While I was catching up on blogs, my 2 and half year old daughter saw your photo here and asked who it was. After getting a vague response she said "She looks like a mummy".

I'm taking that to mean that I'm setting an awesome example of what kind of people mummies are. (No more uninteresting interpretations will be considered.)

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